Learn about some of the programs who work with Remedy Alliance/For the People

Some of the programs who Remedy Alliance works with are small, street-based, unfunded organizations who purchase what they can with community donations or access our no-cost naloxone supply for under-resourced programs. 

Other programs are bigger and maximize their funding by purchasing large quantities of naloxone at bulk rates. We even work with a few programs who are well-funded and purchase naloxone at a price that funds discounts to small programs who cannot afford it. Regardless of the programs funding status or size, we all believe naloxone belongs in the hands of people who use drugs.

We’re featuring some of the brilliant, creative programs we work with to show what can be accomplished when we work together to save lives. 

Anthony Gray and Caitlin O'Neill from New Jersey Harm Reduction Coalition visiting the Hikma facility in Cherry Hill, NJ to see the first run of Remedy Alliance/For the People special label naloxone be manufactured. 

Jamie and Nial from NEXT with a box of naloxone 


NEXT Distro

NEXT Distro is a national online and mail-based harm reduction program that serves individuals who use drugs that can't access in-person supplies, education, or resources. Through partnerships with over 30 harm reduction programs across the country, NEXT and affiliates have mailed free naloxone to over 40,000 households in the United States. NEXT's 24/7 online model ensures that anyone with an internet connection can access opioid overdose response training and no-cost naloxone. NEXT also operates an online and mail-based full-service syringe services program which provides safer injection, safer sex, safer smoking, and wound care supplies to individuals that do not live in proximity to pre-existing harm reduction programs. NEXT's SSP services operate in New York, California, Michigan, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Louisiana. We are always looking for new partner organizations to expand this reach.

SPW team members Roberto, Lauren, Mariana, Lisette, and honorary member Joel doing outreach on a 110 degree day. Photo provided by Haley Coles. 

Statewide | Arizona

Sonoran Prevention Works

Sonoran Prevention Works is an Arizona-based nonprofit advocating for people who use drugs since 2010. We work across the state, in rural, urban, and tribal areas to make meaningful structural changes for people who use drugs through direct outreach, organizational technical assistance, and legislative advocacy. With leadership from people who use drugs at all levels of our organization, we have distributed 598,663 doses of naloxone with at least 17,608 lives saved since 2017. In 2021 we finally made syringe services and fentanyl test strips legal across Arizona! We’re excited to keep growing and collaborating with people and communities impacted by drug policy.

Photo of the SHOTS team provided by Hana Fields

  • Text only: 918-973-2671

Tulsa, Oklahoma 

S.H.O.T.S. /Stop Harm on Tulsa Streets

SHOTS is a mutual aid syringe service program located in Tulsa, OK. SHOTS was founded in 2018 by a small group of people who were sick of seeing our friends suffer needlessly because of lack of access to sterile supplies, bad policy, and a failed war on drugs. SHOTS began as a naloxone distribution program that mainly served the drug users in our own lives but quickly grew into a fully formed SSP including injection alternatives, delivery, a rural mail program, and free HIV/HCV testing. SHOTS is run entirely by people with lived experience. Our 3 core members are all former drug users and HCV survivors and the rest of our volunteers all have their own personal ties to chaotic drug use. This is our home and we feel honored to have the opportunity to help people in our city. 

Photo of the OKHRA team provided by Andrea Haddox 

Statewide | Oklahoma

Oklahoma Harm Reduction Alliance (OKHRA)

The Oklahoma Harm Reduction Alliance mission is to empower Oklahoma residents who use drugs with evidence-based harm reduction programs to reduce overdoses and improve the health of individuals and communities affected by substance use. As Oklahoma's only statewide harm reduction provider, OKHRA strives to empower Oklahomans who use drugs with harm reduction supplies, advocacy, community education, and outreach services to de-stigmatize substance use in our state.

Bus ads raising awareness about overdose and naloxone by Wellness Services, Flint, MI (photo provided by Teresa Springer) 

Flint, Michigan

Wellness Services, STEP Syringe Access and Overdose Education

STEP is an SSP (Syringe Service Program) serving the Flint community. Access to free sterile syringes has been proven to reduce the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C in the community. Clients who are enrolled in the STEP program have access to sterile syringes, and clean works kits as well as other services that are provided by Wellness AIDS Services. Director of Programs Teresa Springer says, “accessing affordable naloxone through the Buyers Club has allowed us to support our community in ways we never expected, and it has helped us put more naloxone directly into the hands of people that need it the most. The number of lives saved alone is why this is so important!” 

Prevention Point Pittsburgh Team (photo provided by Alice Bell)

Pittsburgh, PA

Prevention Point Pittsburgh

Prevention Point Pittsburgh has been distributing sterile injection equipment and other safer drug use supplies in Allegheny County, PA since 1995. In 2005 PPP began distributing injectable naloxone to people through our syringe services. Like many other programs, we got our start with naloxone that Dan Bigg and CRA donated. Once we had a bit of a budget of our own, we began participating in the early version of the Buyers Club and ordered naloxone from Hospira and now Pfizer. For many years we were the only place in Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, where people could get take-home naloxone. Thankfully, we’ve been joined in this effort by others, but continue to be one of the main sources of naloxone for people most likely to witness an overdose who are saving lives daily!  

Utah Naloxone team holding vials of IM naloxone (photo from Utah Naloxone Instagram page) 

Statewide | Utah

Utah Naloxone

Utah Naloxone’s mission is to prevent opioid overdose death and infectious disease transmission with a vision of increasing overall wellness for individuals regardless of life circumstance. We are committed to bringing health, empowerment, and safety to those affected by drug use, stigmatization, and poverty. Utah Naloxone also serves as the statewide hub for naloxone access and education, providing opioid overdose education and naloxone distribution to over 9,000 folks every year and providing 72,000 doses of naloxone directly to individuals at risk of opioid overdose, their peers, syringe services programs, community-based organization partners, opioid treatment providers, recovery entities, statewide libraries, as well as to EMS leave-on-scene and jail release programs. None of this would be possible without the Remedy Alliance and access to low-cost injectable naloxone.

Photo of generic injectable naloxone (photo from Remedy Alliance / For The People instagram)

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Anthony Gray from New Jersey Harm Reduction Coalition holding a fresh-off-the-line vial of naloxone manufactured for Remedy Alliance by Hikma Pharmaceuticals. 

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