Naloxone shortage 2021

In April 2021, Pfizer announced that there was a shortage of their generic injectable naloxone due to a manufacturing problem. The OSNN Buyers Club has an exclusive arrangement with Pfizer for low-cost generic injectable, and so while there is not a widespread shortage of the product itself, the shortage specifically effects this group of programs. As of August 2021, OSNN Buyers Club programs are backordered by over a quarter million doses of naloxone.

Media coverage:

Suggestions for managing the Pfizer shortage:

Continue mutual aid naloxone sharing between programs 

Request near-expired naloxone that has gone unused for redistribution 

Continue investigating price and availability of other generic injectable products (Viatris, Somerset, etc.) (price point per vial reported at ~$8-19)

Continue working with local, State and Federal agencies to direct naloxone to OSNN programs impacted by the shortage

Apply to Direct Relief for free generic injectable naloxone

Circulate and implement recommendations from NASTAD

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