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We are grateful to be part of a broad network of people working toward the health, liberation, and happiness of people who use drugs. 

Injectable naloxone, photo by NEXT Distro on Unsplash

Harm reduction supplies for individuals

NEXT Distro

NEXT Distro is an online and mail-based harm reduction service providing harm reduction supplies like syringes and naloxone.

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Harm reduction supplies for programs

Smoke Works

Smoke Works provides safer smoking supplies for harm reduction programs at various price points.

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North America Syringe Exchange Network (NASEN) in an initiative of the Dave Purchase Project and connect programs to harm reduction supplies. 

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Points of Distribution

Points of Distribution (POD) is a full service harm reduction marketplace that carries safer injection supplies, safer smoking supplies, and more. 

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Safety Works

For over 20+ years Safety Works has been providing non-profit and healthcare clinincs a complete one-stop shop of harm reduction suppies.

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Funding for harm reduction programs

Comer Family Foundation

The Comer Family Foundation is a private foundation that supports programs that make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and their communities.

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AIDS United

AIDS United works to end HIV in the United States by advocating for those living with or vulnerable to HIV.

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Navigating legal barriers

Network for Public Health Law

Network for Public Health Law provides non-partisan legal technical assistance and resources to promote and improve health equity.

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Various forms of injectable naloxone, including an original Narcan® vial from 1977 from Dr. Bob O’Neill’s medical bag (lovingly gifted by his granddaughter and harm reductionist Savannah O’Neill)

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