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Remedy Alliance/For The People (RA/FTP) increases access to affordable overdose prevention supplies. We are uniquely designed for harm reduction programs that focus on naloxone distribution to people who use drugs and their immediate network. 

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Affordable naloxone for harm reduction programs

RA/FTP is a nonprofit and we use any funds generated over our cost to provide discounted and/or donated naloxone and overdose prevention supplies, to cover shipping and handling, and to support the infrastructure of the organization.

We offer different pricing tiers for naloxone based on your organization’s characteristics. Please apply to obtain access to exact prices. Because our prices are as near to cost as possible they are sometimes subject to change based on our suppliers and the market. We will never adjust the price without first telling you!

We currently provide access to generic 0.4mg/1ml injectable naloxon,  RiVive™️ 3mg nasal naloxone spray and Julie™️ Emergency Contraceptives.

To access naloxone from RA/FTP you’ll need to meet the following criteria:


Must be purchasing/receiving naloxone for distribution to community members at no cost to the recipient. 


May not resell naloxone, bill insurance, or charge a fee to end-users for receipt of naloxone. 


Must commit to providing low-threshold/low or no-barrier distribution to people at risk of opioid overdose or likely to witness an opioid overdose.


Must commit to distributing the majority of naloxone you receive via RA/FTP directly to people who use drugs and structuring distribution around the goal of saturating communities of people who use drugs with naloxone on an ongoing basis, including supporting robust peer distribution. 

The following groups are ineligible: 

  • Individuals wishing to obtain a personal supply of naloxone (check out NEXT Distro)
  • First responder organizations like law enforcement, emergency medical services and fire departments who intend to use the product for administration during the course of their professional duties
  • Hospitals, pharmacies and other medical/health care entities who are purchasing naloxone for in-hospital use, co-prescription, or pharmacy-based dispensing

These entities have alternative procurement mechanisms available.

Do you have more questions about accessing naloxone via RA/FTP?

We offer consultations, technical assistance, and hold office hours for programs who would like more guidance.

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We are glad you're here! Thank you for your interest in working together. Please take a few minutes to fill out this application. You do not need to spend a ton of time on this, just tell us a bit about you so we can figure out how to best meet your needs. 

If your application is approved, you'll receive an account activation email, and you can set your username and password. You will then have access to the "store." You can place orders and we will send you a confirmation and ship your naloxone.

We provide access to 0.4mg/1ml generic injectable naloxone, RiVive® 3mg nasal naloxone, and Julie® emergency contraceptives. 

We do not provide access to Narcan® brand 4mg naloxone, or Plan B® brand emergency contraceptives.